Do you live in a watershed?

OF COURSE you do!  everybody does.


What is a Watershed?


a local production of

KRCB North Bay Public Media

KRCB President & CEO
Nancy Dobbs

Executive in Charge of Production
Stan Marvin

Senior Producer / Writer / Editor
David Levitt Waxman

Mark Prell

Writer / Technical Advisor
Fred Euphrat

Director of Photography
Michelle Olivera

Additional Photography
Ken Kimari
Ruth Bird

Associate Producer
Greg Fischer

Production Assistants
Elise Euphrat
Susan Waxman

Special Thanks to:  Tanya Albert, Brandon Beach, Chris Choo, Jim Coleman, Leslie Mace, Ryan McClymont, Virginia Porter, Harry Seraydarian, Leigh Sharp, Brad Sherwood, and Katie Young.

Very Special Thanks to:  Brian Anderson, Craig Anderson, Judy Arnold, David Bannister, Arthur Dawson, Chris DeGabrielle, Brock Dolman, Bill Hearn, Kara Heckert, Jonathan Koehler, Peter LaCivitas, Bill Long, Don McInHill, Jon Niehaus, Andy Rogers, Don Wallis, Ben White, J.T. Wick, Brett Wilson, Kate Wilson, and the countless others who we contacted for their expertise and valuable contributions to this series.



underwritten in part by

Sonoma County Water Agency

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